MTX Terminator Series TNE212D Subwoofer Detailed Review

You can probably agree that some subwoofers are hard to set up, and don’t give you the bass and quality sound you’re looking for. We’ll today we will be reviewing one of the best subwoofers for beginners who are getting into subs and improving your car audio. The easiest setup, and the best results. Well we’ve found an answer to your problem: the MTX Terminator Series TNE212D. I can guarantee after using this subwoofer for over 10 months, this subwoofer is by far the best sound investment I’ve made for my car.

It’s obvious that many individuals who purchased the MTX Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Twin 12-Inch Sub Enclosure have discovered its very straightforward to install and manage. It sends a transparent and high quality sound, with astronomical energy.

MTX Terminator aesthetically placed in the trunk

Above all, it brings clean reverberation within your car and mixes it with bass enhancement. The MTX TNE212D has the power to equalize the sound output in sync with the bass, producing very high quality sounds in your car.

The MTX Terminator TNE212D is by far one of the best 12in subwoofer you should purchase. These are a few of the best 2 12 inch subwoofers you should purchase in the meanwhile.

I’ve now had these for two years and they sound better than day one. I didn’t expect these to be able to take daily bumping for this long but they have proven themselves a quality product. I moved to a country home and the dust from the dirt road has covered them completely, but that hasn’t changed how they perform. They are high quality, durable, and perform better than any subwoofer I’ve ever owned.

Check out my more detailed review:

MTX Terminator Review – Features

These mtx terminator 12 subwoofers will provide you with more bass than you can imagine. I purchased these with the boss 1100 watt amp. I am truthfully shocked they’re this cheap as I might have payed double this worth for the sound you get out of them. Should you be on the fence about these, I can guarantee you these are the way to go. You wont find subs like these for this value, particularly when they’re already in a manufacturing enclosed subwoofer.

The wattage of these subs isn’t the very best you’ll discover; nonetheless, for the value it does it justice. Belief me, they bump for those who flip it up. Don’t overlook that when you have 2 12″ subs no matter RMS you’re going to have loads of bass.

MTX Terminator FeaturesMTX Terminator
Dimensions: 14″ peak, 30″ width, 13.5″ bottom-depth, 11.2″ top-depth
Weight: 56 lbs.
Two 12″ subs sealed enclosure
Ultimate 2 Ohm impedance load
1200 watts max energy
800 watts peak powker
200 watts of RMS energy per sub
Spider Plateau Venting
5/eight″ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Aviation grade carpet

If you are looking on an in-depth guide to installing a stereo system check our in-depth guide. 

Here’s some more proof these are some of the best 12in subwoofers:

My good friend at the moment has one 12in subwoofer and even that rattles, so simply know that 2 12in subwoofers will be crazy. Most of my friends have advised its by far one of the best subwoofer they’ve ever heard. It will rattle your trunk (until you don’t need an overbearing bass, you’ll be able to flip it right down to discover a comfortable median which is what I sometimes do relying on my temper.)

These MTX 12in Subwoofers Fit Perfectly in a Cars Trunk.

There are many key features that make this one of the best 12in subwoofers under 200 dollars. One of which is that they are strategically mounted within an enclosed box. Overall this allows much easier installation, as well as helps with boosting low pitched sound frequency. This best enclosed subwoofer will hold out much of the air pressure, allowing less damage to the rubber from distortion. Easier to install, unlike some component subwoofers.

I’ve had these put in for two days now however all I can say is: I LOVE IT! I paired this with the Boss Audio amplifier, wired with the eight gauge Boss Audio amp wiring package & it really works nice! These subs kick HARD! I’ve them within the trunk of my 1995 Honda Accord Ex going through the trunk opening and the sound high quality is great!

I want to make clear of how good the sound from these mtx subwoofers are.

The sound are from those of very deep subwoofers. You can regulate the tuners frequency settings very simply, however they’ll still have a low and deep sound. This struck me as a richer, and more detailed sound.

MTX Terminator Review

Another key feature of the MTX terminator is the strong structure and nice MDF finish. This is probably one of the more stylish car subwoofers you can purchase. It comes with a nice fashionable finish, and the enclosure is hardwearing given built with wood materials and withstands a lot of pressure.

The MTX Audio TNE212D is very powerful, and has high power handling capacity. Not only that, it is also very durable and lightweight. When buying a car subwoofer, weight, and durability matter. These speakers will not tear easily, because of it’s high tensile strength due to the polypropylene material.


More detailed features of the MTX Terminator Series TNE212D – 2 12 inch Subwoofers

  1. The MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Twin 2 12 Inch Subwoofers Enclosure is constructed with double 12 inch terminator subwoofers, TNP212D2 that are strategically mounted in an enclosed house. That is what helps in boosting the low pitched sound frequency. Most of all, the enclosure can maintain out air stress on the identical time bearing the injury or distortion of the rubber.
  2. It’s constructed with a robust construction with an enclosure and completed with a 5/eight″ MDF and aviation grade protecting which marks its fashionable and trendy end. The enclosure is hardwearing on condition that it’s principally constructed with wooden materials that withstands the stress and any type of injury. Moreover, the carpeting materials creates a chic end which tones nicely with inside designs of many autos. The enclosure additionally, carries insulating materials that helps in lowering sound loss and maximising sound output.
  3. Amplifier: The MTX Audio 2 12 Inch Subwoofers Enclosure is bought with an inbuilt amplifier that helps in boosting the depth of the sound. This amplifier helps in controlling the sound high quality, akin to, excessive or low quantity tuning and bass sound variance. Conversely, it’s also doable for the shopper to attach the subwoofer to a separate amplifier with a view to obtain a fascinating sound high quality and surrounding.

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